Message to America

Undoubtedly America has had its fair share of con men. From William Rockefeller Sr., to Charles Ponzi, to Bernie Madoff, and now arguably the one man I consider to be the master of deception, misdirection, and Grand Puba of the confidence game – Donald J. Trump.

By now, we can safely assume that the 2016 election will either be one of the most talked about scandals or one of the most studied cases of corruption in history. (Or maybe it will be that one section in the history books of our children’s children where all the pages are just glued together.)

Truth is – the 2016 election showed both the Democrats and the Republicans true colors – the lack of leadership and the political crabs in a bucket-like mentality. However, in the end, Americans were left to pick what some people called the lesser of two evils. But let’s be real about it, even though the Democrats played themselves by outing Bernie Sanders –Americans did their part and Hillary Clinton won the popular vote (by over 2 million votes). Democrats however, allowed the loophole known as the Electoral College to be exploited either by the Republican Party or by the Russians.

Truth is, it could’ve been avoided.

Flashback to the 2000 election (Bush vs. Gore) when the Democrats won the popular vote but lost the election due to the Electoral College. Now fast forward 16 years later and here we go again. Even though the 2000 election had its own cloud of conspiracy hovering around it, in the end the Electoral College pulled the same move to steal the 2016 election – ultimately handing over our country to a lying tyrant.

It doesn’t matter if it was Russian intervention or not – ultimately, the 2016 election came down to the Electoral College (Which was created in retrospect to combat the high population of southern states that own slaves. And truthfully it doesn’t serve any purpose to the American people of the 21st Century).
Let’s keep it real, the Democrats got hoodwinked in 2000. However, in 2004 Bush won the popular vote and the Electoral College, which solidified his 2nd term as president. And with Barack Obama winning both the popular vote and Electoral College in 2008 and 2012, no one really cared about the irrelevancy of the Electoral College.

The reality is, the Democrats sat around on their thumbs for 16 years and the same irrelevant loophole (known as the Electoral College) came back to bite them in the ass, AGAIN.

Now with Trump as president, and not only are some Americans questioning our democratic process but other countries and nations are questioning the competence of Americans as a whole.

Trump was at least half right about one thing – they’re laughing, but not at us – at him.

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