Message to Black Lives Matter

When it comes to black lives matter – you have some people who hate it, some people who love it, and some people like Sheriff David Clarke Jr. who think it’s unnecessary.  According to the Sheriff, there is no such thing as police brutality; however, contrary to that bold face lie – Americans have been well aware of police brutality even before it was publicized by the Rodney King video.


The fact is – White people, Black people, Asians, Latinos, Mexicans, ultimately – all nationalities have experienced some form of police brutality in this country.  The problem a lot of people have with black lives matter is that they attached a color to the protest.  It’s not a secret that black people have been the victims of police brutality for decades.  It’s just now, since the creation of camera phones and social media – when it would have taken weeks or even months to make it to mainstream media – the videos now makes it to social media in seconds.

Truth is – no matter if you agree or disagree – black lives matter shined a light on a very serious problem that’s been heavily ignored in this country – police brutality.  Keyword in that sentence was ignored, because police brutality has never been unknown.


The FBI keeps stats on police brutality and on the nationalities of all victims.  And believe it or not, white suspects are killed almost double the rate of black suspects.  According to the Washington Post, in 2016 963 people died by the actions of police officers in this country; 233 victims were black and 465 victims were white, which is nearly double.


So how can police brutality be a racial problem?  Even though in the mainstream media, it’s painted as a white on black crime or a racially motivated incident, the reality is – the black lives matter movement protests police brutality no matter what nationality or race of the officer(s).


Protests are supposed to make people uncomfortable.  And no one should expect that protesting the police should be easy.  We should expect unrest and unease during a police protest.  Believe it or not, it’s in the best interest of the police to cause a riot during a police protest because it looks bad on the protestors, it validates the police’s points, and it gives the police a reason to use excessive force which is the reason people are protesting in the first place.


How long are Americans supposed to sit back and watch the police act like the very same thugs they claim to be protecting us from?  How long are Americans supposed to sit back and watch the media use excuses like black on black crime to justify an unlawful killing?   I agree we might not like the protest, but it’s necessary.  Because if black people don’t protest police brutality, then who will?  You can’t get mad that black people protest police brutality, when white people are killed at almost double the rate and no one says anything.


Fact is – if the mainstream media covered police brutality on white suspects the same way they covered it on black suspects – we would be more aware of police brutality as a police problem and not as a racial problem, and definitely not as a black problem.


That’s why people are screaming All Lives Matter; however, All Lives Matter is considered to be a watered down version Black Lives Matter, and in some cases a total disrespect to the black lives that were lost.  I agree all lives do matter; however, the only time All Lives Matter chooses to protest is when a black life has been lost, not a white life or Latino life.   So in reality, All Lives Matter is counterproductive and being used as a weapon to dilute the countless acts of violence being done by the police to black individuals.


So when people, like Joey Salads, hold up a sign that says “All Lives Matter” and then wonders why people are mad and then claims that Black Lives Matter is racist – it’s not because black people think All Lives Don’t Matter, it’s because of the total and blatant disrespect of the black lives that were lost.  Where was Joey Salads or All Lives Matter when Daniel Shaver, Hans Arellano, Brandon Ellingson, or Jerry Waller were gunned down by police?  That’s because All Lives Matter doesn’t protest police brutality, it was created to dilute the message and protest the protesters.


On the other hand, Black Lives Matter needs to be more proactive in the defense of more than just black suspects.  Because, if Black Lives Matter was truly an organization against police brutality, they would protest any unjustified use of excessive force – no matter the nationality of the victim(s).


However, Black Lives Matter has now been demonized and minimized down to a racist organization that is being used as a pawn in a George Soros conspiracy.   And in my opinion, that’s because there was no way of distinguishing the legit protesters from the dumb asses that showed up just to cause trouble.  It doesn’t help when the media tries to portray every act of violence and/or rioting as being done by a Black Lives Matter member, especially when there’s not even an official membership.


Reality is – other than a hashtag, Black Lives Matter has no official leadership, no structure, no official logo, and not even an official spokesperson to denounce the bullshit and rioting.  True, they have a website and it does list chapters across the country.  But on the other hand, if you would’ve asked who was leading the Black Panther Party in the 60’s and 70’s, it was widely known from coast to coast without the internet or any websites.  And when the media tried to portray the Black Panther Party as a racist organization, the leadership stood up, spoke up, and struck back saying loudly that they were not a racist organization.  They announced that yes – they were against oppression and police brutality in the black community; however, they were willing to work with all races and nationalities to end oppression and police brutality as a whole.


Without official leadership, it didn’t take long before the media, along with the help from a few dumbasses – to paint Black Lives Matter as a racist organization.  And without any official leadership to refute the bullshit, it makes the motion of the movement that much more difficult.  It also makes being able to work with and alongside other movements and organization damn near impossible.


Because as long as Americans continue to argue about which nationality or race the police is killing the most, constantly pointing the finger at one another – “WE” are not pointing the finger at the one problem that “WE” have in common, THE POLICE.  Because police brutality is not a just Black problem, it’s not just a White problem, and it’s not just a Mexican or Latino problem.   It’s a TAXPAYERS problem.


If you don’t think so, think about it this way.  If the police unjustifiably beat and/or kill someone and then they get sued by the victim or victims’ family in Civil Court, why are the TAXPAYERS financially responsible and not the Officer(s)?


The majority of the time it is because of the police union that Officers RARELY lose their jobs.  So the reality is, “WE” as taxpayers are forced into continuing the employment of Officers who have “unjustifiably” assaulted and/or killed fellow taxpayers.  These same Officers are then sued; they either lose or settle, which in turn, costs cities thousands and sometimes millions of dollars.  Sometimes, they may have even been involved in multiple lawsuits throughout their career.


So like I said before police brutality is not a just Black problem, it’s not just a White problem, and it’s not just a Mexican or Latino problem.   It’s a TAXPAYERS problem.

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