Message to the Mainstream Media

When it comes to police brutality, it is NEVER reported equally.  Many times, if the suspect is black, we know more about his past crimes than the crime they were being assaulted or killed for.  How often does the mainstream media ever report police brutality on a white suspect, even though the FBI stats clearly state more unarmed white suspects are killed by law enforcement than black suspects?  Why isn’t police brutality on white suspects’ mainstream media – especially when some cases are far more heinous than Tamir Rice and Philando Castile cases?   For example, the case of Daniel Shaver, an unarmed white man shot to death while complying by crawling on the floor to the police.  Is it because if you report on white suspects just like you report on the black suspects – maybe you will expose the police brutality for what it really is?


Instead – news outlets hire people like Sheriff David Clarke, Jr. to make excuses, point fingers and play the blame game.  Police brutality is real.  So why would the news media outlets allow Clarke to pedal his insane theory that there is no such thing as police brutality in the United States?


Is it because he’s black?  And news outlets needed a black face to say it was ok for black people to be dying by the hands of police?   Because cases like Tamir Rice, Philando Castile, and Sandra Bland show that police brutality is alive and kicking.


As much as I wish it wasn’t true, the same thing goes for when the police are attacked by suspects.  Every time an officer is attacked by a black suspect – it makes national headlines, but it rarely makes any headline when an officer is attacked by a white suspect.  For example, the two Officers in Iowa who were ambushed and killed by Scott M. Greene barely made local news.


Truth is – the media is so biased it doesn’t even know it’s biased.  Majority of the time – you can tell the nationality of the suspect just by the title of the story.  Because if he’s anything other than white – it’s mentioned in the title.  Not to mention, the media linking every attack in America to radical Islam or ISIS and not calling American Christian terror attacks exactly what they are.   Dylan Roof was a terrorist and committed an act of terrorism to start a race war, but he was NEVER called a terrorist by the mainstream media, yet they did report on him being taken to Burger King by the arresting officers.


It’s not all your fault because the majority of the time you’re just reporting the half-facts and half-truths you receive, but it is your fault on how you report it.


It’s your fault when you allow the police to fudge the facts to paint their victims as vicious suspects while you – the media disregards the vicious attack on the suspect.  It’s your fault when you choose to look more into the suspects’ background other than the Officer(s) that were accused of excessive force.  It’s your fault when you choose to display the worst possible photo of a black suspect but show the graduation photo of a white suspect.


In my opinion the mainstream media is solely to blame for racial division in this country, because it is you who chooses to paint black communities and black suspects as violent and white communities as victims and white suspects as mentally disturbed, lone wolfs, or misunderstood.


But what should we expect when this country is more than 60% white and the media is designed to keep Americans in fear?  If the media reported white on white crime or any heinous crime committed by a white suspect, it wouldn’t strike fear in the hearts and minds of the masses.  This country was built on racial division so reporting on racial incidents is what draws in the ratings.  So it doesn’t matter if the incident wasn’t racially motivated – it’s always reported to imply it.  That’s what fuels the racial division in this country.


Add in the fact that the mainstream media chooses to report only on black suspects of police violence like Tamir Rice, Phalndo Castile, Sandra Bland, and Eric Gardner – and not the cases of white suspects like Daniel Shaver, Hans Arellano, Brandon Ellingson, or Jerry Waller.


Why?  Because it doesn’t fit the narrative.  It’s easier to make the masses afraid of people who look different than them.  It’s easier to publicly convict a person of color when your whole narrative revolves around demonizing people of color.  And I use the word demonizing because if a black suspect is shot and/or killed by a police officer, the media intentionally displays as much negativity about the suspect as humanly possible, almost subconsciously justifying the Officers’ actions.  When in fact, in most cases, the accused Officer has had numerous infractions that the public rarely hears about.


Biased much?


According to the mainstream media, the news is supposed to be an independent source, but from where I’m standing the news was designed to cause racial division, fear, unrest, and unease in this country.


Truth is, it’s very rare to see what I like to call a “feel good” story and it’s not because they don’t exist.  It’s because those stories don’t get the same amount of ratings as an immigrant fear mongering story or a story with a catchy title like “Welfare Queen”.   Just like stories about white kids rioting during pumpkin fest, flipping over cars, and setting cars on fire – they don’t bring in the same ratings as another Chicago black on black crime story.


If you don’t think the mainstream media is designed to portray people of color, especially black men, as violent and uneducated – then ask yourself this, why does the mainstream media always report on Chicago’s black on black crime, yet they neglect to report that for the last 7 years – 100% of the graduates from Urban Prep Academy, an all-black all-male high school – were accepted into a 4 year college or university?  It’s because it doesn’t fit the narrative of a city out of control and it doesn’t get the ratings.  Police brutality is about ratings and ratings only matter to news outlets.


Because if the news media truly wanted to report on the impact that police brutality has on society as a whole, they would report on white victims equally as black victims.  They would report on the millions and millions of dollars that police brutality cost each and every city or how taxpayers pick up the tab for lawsuits, judgements, and settlements.


To be honest about it, there is no such thing as unbiased news when it comes to police brutality, all news organizations care about is RATINGS, RATNGS, RATINGS, not about Americans, not about justice, and definitely not about the victims.

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